Poster size suggestion: 90cm x 120cm

Thursday (Oct 26) - 3:00pm
Allan J. A. Ribeiro Spectral properties of some chemical graphs
Alan Cabral Trindade Prado Spectral k-way partitioning revisited through conjectures on an alternative approach to graph expansios
Heber Cristina Teixeira Graphs with structured eigenspaces
Caroline Reis Patrão On total coloring the direct product of graphs
Rafael Leal de Paula Algebraic connectivity of 2-path graphs: experiments and extensions
Fernanda Ferro Morais Eigenvalues of adjacency matrices
Uilton Cesar Peres Junior Eigenvalues of Aα−matrix in operations between graphs
Bruna Lima de Oliveira Lima Some classes of graphs with integer index
Lara Rodrigues Ventura The local antimagic chromatic number of some trees
Sanderson L. Gonzaga de Oliveira A survey of spectral orderings for bandwidth and profile reductions of matrices