Wednesday (Oct 25)
Session 1 (Chair: Carla Oliveira)
10:20 am Jack Koolen Distance-regular graphs whose q-distance matrix has exactly one positive eigenvalue
10:40 am Carlos Hoppen Solving linear systems of graphs with small treewidth
11:00 am Daniel Alejandro Jaume FP-KE decomposition and the determinant of graphs with a unique perfect matching
11:20 am Luciano Norberto Grippo On the spectral radius of signed complete bipartite graphs
11:40 am Leonardo de Lima On the max k-cut problem and the smallest signless Laplacian eigenvalue of a graph
Session 2A (Chair: Cybele Vinagre)
3:20 pm Jorge Alencar On structured eigenspaces of the Q-matrix of trees
3:40 pm Tarek Emmrich Nonvanishing minors of eigenvector matrices and consequences
4:00 pm Rafael Ribeiro Macharete A Basis of Laplacian Eigenvectors for Threshold Graphs
4:20 pm Allana Sthel Santos de Oliveira Counting graphs with algebraic connectivity n-3
4:40 pm Elizandro Borba Extending the Laplacian spectrum with p-(and q-)norms
Session 2B (Chair: Luiz Emilio Allem)
3:20 pm Emanuel Juliano Morais Silva Forbidden Structures in Integral Trees
3:40 pm Diego Belay Ordering trees by α-index
4:00 pm Miriam del Milagro Abdon Spectral properties of threshold k-uniform hypergraphs
4:20 pm Rodrigo Orsini Braga Locating Eigenvalues of Unicyclic Graphs
4:40 pm Fernando Colman Tura A formula for the number of spanning trees of a cograph
Thursday (Oct 26)
Session 3 (Chair: Daniel Jaume)
The talks were relocated to Sessions 4A and 4B
Friday (Oct 27)
Session 4A (Chair: Miriam Abdon) - Auditorium
10:20 am Thomás Jung Spier Spectra of Symmetric Trees
10:40 am Krishnan Sivasubramanian Weighted matrices associated to the Four point condition on trees
11:00 am Lucas Siviero Sibemberg Spectral Characterization of the (k, p)-sun
11:20 am Nelson de Assis Junior Structural Properties of Matrogenic Graphs
11:40 am Rakesh Jana The maximum four point condition matrix of a tree
12:00 am Arnaud Knippel On bivalent and trivalent eigenvectors of the graph Laplacian
12:20 pm María Florencia Cubría Complementarity spectrum of digraphs
Session 4B (Chair: Luciano Grippo)- Room 207
10:20 am Thiago Lima Oliveira A semidefinite programming approach to α₀(G)
10:40 am João Domingos Gomes da Silva Junior Bounds for some eigenvalues of the Aα-matrix
11:00 am Lucas Portugal Integral hypergraphs
11:20 am Germain Pastén The generalized adjacency-distance matrix of connected graphs
11:40 am Pedro Vinícius Ferreira Baptista Irrational Quantum Walks
12:00 am Vitor Marques Rodrigues Alternative Average Mixing Matrices of Quantum Walks
12:20 pm Lavínia Beghini de Castro Graph Filter: a graph manipulation software