We selected some hotels in Niteroi which are relatively close to the venue.
To get the discount, please mention the name of the workshop (WSGT2023)

H Niterói Hotel

About 7 min by taxi

Standard R$ 356,07 R$ 423,00 R$ 477,00
Sea View R$ 390,10 R$ 463,50
Front Sea R$ 450,00 R$ 495,00 R$ 540,00
Premium Front Sea R$ 504,00 R$ 549,00 R$ 603,00

To be included 12% fees (10% services + 2% ISS = 12%)

Breakfast and internet included

For more details, please contact the hotel at eventos@hniteroi.com.br or WhatsApp at +5521994207365.

More info: H Niteroi Hotel (page)

Tower Icaraí Hotel

About 15 min by taxi

Categories Per night
Single R$ 295,00 + 2% tax
Double R$ 336,00 + 2% tax

For more details, please contact Gabriela or Mariana by e-mail at reservas@towerhotel.com.br

More info: Tower Icaraí Hotel (webpage)

Hotel Cantereira

Walking distance (about 6 min)

Categories Per night
Single R$ 198,00
Double R$ 265,00
Triple R$ 306,00
Quadruple R$ 345,00

Tax included

For details, contact: Rita Menezes
Mobile: +55 (21) 98100-7679
E-mail: comercial.redehoteis@gmail.com

More info: Hotel Cantareira (page)